The Opportunities Matrix

Having a suite of ideas all addressing the brief is a great place to be. But in this day an age with a million and one things to fill each day with, how do we distill these down to an approachable shortlist to focus our resources on?

At the end of the day there's only two things that you need to consider when trying to identify the most effective ideas :: 

Every idea should be able to fit within one of the quadrants in this Matrix

1) What are the Barriers to Entry? This could include budget, regulation, competitors, etc..

2) What is the Size of the Prize? This refers to the likelihood of the idea to meet the ideation objective (cash, notoriety, credibility, community, etc....)

Using the Muse Junction Opportunities Matrix, we aim to plot the best ideas from the previous steps n one of the above quadrants. This gives us a great visual reference for the items we hope to focus on. 

Focus :: All the ideas we should do everything we can to achieve. Big ROI

Vision :: All the ideas we should start chipping away at. Not as easy to crack but big payoff potential

Plan B :: These are the cash cows. Not the biggest payoff but they can help keep the wheels on the carriage during the hard times

Forget About It :: Enough said.


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