Network Conductor

As an agency owner specialising in ideation I'm the first person to admit that I'm not the one to execute a Design, Augmented Reality, Experiential, or any other niche activation. 

That's why I've developed a muse crew of other specialist providers who I deliver your focus ideas to for scoping and execution. 



Train Conductor.jpg

I make it my business o know the latest and greatest providers, technologies, processes and activations out there for you. I'm a Network Conductor because I identify, make introductions and facilitate a handover with the perfect fit for the projects that we've developed together. 

My Muse Crew make it their business to look after the clients I deliver them.

t's a win-win-win where my clients get access to a universe of talented specialists at a discounted rate, I get to focus on the ideation process and my Muse Crew get hand delivered great ideas to bring to life. 

I will still remain involved in the project where necessary, to offer support, as is outlined n the 6th stage of the Innovation Platform, Rollout and Report Support.