3-Station Innovation

Ok....so we've mined deep for the true objective with The "Why?" Game and I've done my Method Briefing to truly understand the business issues and opportunities. So when do the ideas happen?

True innovative ideas are born from a complex combination of traits, experiences and stimulus. On top of that, below are a few great exercises I've developed to make sure any brief can be attacked, resulting in exceptional and unexpected ideas.

Station One :: Countless Connections

This is the most lateral of all the ideation methods and aims to identify as many related as well as (and even especially) unrelated tracks to follow for stage two.
We will cover off a wide spectrum from complimentary businesses to the characteristics of an octopus to get the creative juices flowing

Station Two :: The Frenzy

In Frenzy Town, there is no such thing as a stupid idea. We're taking the brief and trying to solve it with a million ideas ~ some relating to ink and tentacles ~ so there's bound to be some random shit getting thrown up.
Remember that some of the best ideas have been discovered through the absurd and as soon as judgement makes an appearance, frenzy turns into a ghost town. 
For consistency and the sake of a perfect elevator pitch, there is a Muse Junction template to capture each idea for later.

Station Three :: ilent Auction

Every idea within the Frenzy Template gets presented as comprehensively as possible to the group who each have 20 Muse Moneys to spend on the ideas they think rock.  
Here it's critical that everyone is refreshed on the objectives and the brief in order to best filter in the strongest candidates. 
The ideas with the most love graduate to the next stage of the Innovation Platform

Click HERE for stage 4 in The Innovation Platform