Take a Moment to Listen to Kids :: The "Why?" Game

When it comes to uncovering real truths, kids are wiser they they let on.

Kids Know Everything

e've all heard them play the "Why?" game...

"Go to bed"
"Because it's too late for you to be up"
"Because you'll be tired tomorrow"
"Just go to bed!"

For the rest of us this is an annoying and difficult game to play. We have to ask ourselves why this is.

Could it be because we are so conditioned to presenting a compelling, superficial argument which is often, merely a symptom of the true issue or objective? With no kids around to challenge us are we going about our professional and personal lives with mis-guided direction?

use Junction is proud to bring back the "Why?" game to our Ideation process. The aim being to drill down and uncover the real truths that drive your business and to deliver ideas with a significant, positive impact. 

"What's your Objective?"
"Double sales over the next 5 years"
"Increase revenue"
"Why is that important?"

What comes next will inform ideas that are either a supreme success or an utter failure.  

I look forward to putting my Kid hat on with you and having some fun with this.

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