A Full-Sized Car That's Made of LEGO and Runs on Air.

Does the future of sustainability lie in our past?

Who doesn't remember making little toy cars out of LEGO when they were a child?

Raul from Romania is barely older than most kids yet with some help from Melbourne's Steve Sammartino and a crowd funding community has made a fully functioning, life sized car completely out of 500,000 of the little Danish bricks. What's more is that it runs on compressed air and not fuel. 

The LEGO car beast

Relieved Raul and Steve enjoy a hard earned one

So does the suture of sustainable travel lie in our past? 

Well, maybe don't expect to be able to buy a Holden LEGO any time soon (or any Holden for that matter). But what this project does show is the creativity that can be achieved when making a profit isn't the number one concern. 

After speaking to the young Romanian about his plans for the future, it definitely does not contain LEGO. But what he's got cooking up sounds equally as significant as sustainable transport so perhaps LEGO can be credited for changing the world. Yet again.

Check out below for a video of the vehicle on it's debut drive and more information can be found at http://www.superawesomemicroproject.com/