The Problem with MOvember

At the end of my 10th year growing a moustache in November for charity, I've come to a realisation. 

The problem with MOvember is that perpetual growth from the original grow-for-dough fundraising model is not possible.

The more the years have gone on, the more popular MOvember gets, the more people are growing MO's and the less people are left to donate to mine. On top of this, the remaining hair-less who I call family and friends do not have the resources to keep donating for over a decade.

This trend is demonstrated by the significant decline of my personal MOvember fundraising over the last 4 years, despite my continued efforts at fundraising.

Screenshot 2013-12-01 15.31.08.png

Each year MOvember does an amazing job raising more funds than the year before for worthwhile men's health initiatives (they've surpassed $500 Million these days).

However the majority of this growth is coming from the expansion of MOvember into new, highly populated, growth markets like Hong Kong and Singapore. 

While in mature markets like Australia, 2013 marks the 2nd consecutive year of fundraising decline. 

Screenshot 2013-12-01 16.02.02.png

What does this decline mean for the future of MOvember and it's influence on the face of men's health in mature markets?

MOvember is currently enjoying a combination of strong brand equity and mass awareness but without evolving beyond it's original grow-for-dough model, I believe a loss of relevance is inevitable and it's mature market years are numbered. 


MOvember's Sustainable Future

MOvember has two clear objectives for being:

1. Stimulate discussion and action about mens' health issues
2. Raise money to fund mens' health initiatives

Because of this, I believe that the future of MOvember (especially in mature markets) will need to include bold, large scale and revenue generating initiatives. 

This MOvember, I ran a trial for such an initiative with the aim to give the folks at MOvember an additional bristle in their fundraising brush. MO Magnets. 

My car donning the first MO magnet. 

How can MO magnets make a difference?

Teaming up with MOvember Australia partner Coles, (Beyond) Blue MO Magnets will be sold in large quantities across the country via Coles Express in the weeks leading up to and including MOvember . For over a month, cars around Australia will be driving the message of MOvember in the masses during peak hour commutes and weekend getaways ~ stimulating large scale discussions and awareness.

My research shows that a magnet can be made for under $5 a set and sold for up to $50 a set. This highly profitable product, sold in large quantities will yield additional millions of dollars which will be invested directly into established MOvember initiatives. 

See below for the two examples of MO Magnets sold this year for a $50 donation to my MOvember fund.

Damo R MO Magnet.jpg
Josh P MO Magnet.jpg

In this open letter to MOvember, I'm offering to donate my time and partnership experience to bring MO Magnets to life with Coles Express as my contribution to the 2014 MOvember fundraising campaign. 

I'm willing and able to get started as soon as they'll have me. 


Please pass on and like to register your support. 




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