How to Make Paint Bomb Egg Shells.

I got a new Hypto Krypto the other day courtesy of fellas at Hayden Shapes.   

I usually love a bit of flair on my sleds so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to experiment with a new painting method I got from a friend of mine, Nic Tatt ~ Paint Bomb Egg Shells.

I did a trial the other other day to make sure I didn't ruin my new love and there was a bit more to it than I was expecting. So I thought I'd break it down for anyone who was thinking of splatting some shit with paint.  


Step 1: Get the gear

Getting the right paint is the critical component and the best paint in the business is Ironlak.  I got a combination of spray paint and paint pen refills (these didn't work as well). 

Other things you'll want are: 

- A canvas
- 12 eggs
- Masking tape
- Gloves
- Sand paper
- Old towel
- Clear laquer   

Step 2: Choose Your Canvas

 In this case I had my brand new sled and fins. It's freshly made so doesn't need any preparation but it you have an older thing, best to hit it with a quick sanding and clean it down so that the paint sticks. 

Step 3: Mask it

When you throw a bunch of paint on something, it's a great opportunity to mask some areas and create some negative space. Masking tape is great for some basics but I also had a Muse Junction logo done up by the guys at OzLocal. I'll have to ask my accountant if that makes it a tax deduction :)


Step 4: Hollow the Egg Shells

Ok ~ so this is one of the main parts. Below is the way I prepped the eggs:
- Get a 12 pack of large eggs
- Use a sharp knife to crack open the top
- Make an opening the size of a 20c piece
- Empty the egg and yolk into a bowl
- Wash out and dry the eggs
- Place them back in the carton for safety

Step 5: Find a Secluded Place

So not everyone is cool with you throwing Paint Bomb Egg Shells around. So best to find a natural reserve (because the paint will be grown out and cut) somewhere quiet and sheltered from the wind. Place the towel down and put your Canvas on it.  



Step 6: Make and Throw Paint Bombs

The aftermath of Paint Bomb Egg Shells

Fill the Egg Shells 1/5 of the depth with paint.
- For Spray cans, spray with a narrow cap
- For the Paint Pen Refills just transfer from the cap

Once filled, hold the Egg Shells and throw them so that the opening hits the canvas first. 

A video on this can be found here:


Step 7: Unmask and Enjoy

The finished product

After you've waited a little while (30 mins) for the paint to dry, it's now time to unmask and reveal the piece of work. Before unmasking it's not uncommon to think you've ruined the whole thing but if you've masked well, it will come up a treat. 

Be careful not to smudge the paint when you are peeling up the edges and peel up masking tape in the reverse order that you put it down in. 

Once it's been dry for a few hours, use a little wet-dry sand paper to smooth out the harsh edges before applying a few coats of clear lacquer.  



Step 8: Make an Omelet

Chucking Egg shells at a surfboard all day is hungry work. So the best thing I could think to do with 12 egg whites and yolks is make a killer omelet. Art has never tasted better. 


Thanks for reading.