Always prepare for the future. And the future is 3D printing

There's nothing like having a new project to be the perfect excuse to keep learning something new. So today, working with the super talented team from vert industrial design I had the opportunity to spec up, CAD up and print up a little jig we needed for a prototype we're working on together with their resident Maker Bot 3D printer.

It seemed so simple for them that I had the guys give me some homework. I'm now diving head first into Rhino3D and KeyShot to get my skills to a level where I can communicate all my ideas as well as the guys at Vert have been able to. 

Because as a good friend's told me... muse it or lose it

Stay tuned. 


Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need Some Grooming?

 Is a messy LinkedIn profile costing you your next job or deal?

Is a messy LinkedIn profile costing you your next job or deal?


LinkedIn is the most powerful networking social media platform on the planet. But if you haven't designed your profile in a way that enables people to find you and be impressed when they do, you're losing that promotion or sales deal to someone who has. 

I have recently started putting my extensive job application experience and flawless track record to good use by helping people by getting their LinkedIn profile and their head straight for that new job or customer. 

You'll be amazed at the difference it makes to the response you will get if you have a little support putting in a bit of effort into the resume of the future. 

Get in touch now and tell me what you're trying to network for and I'll explain how I can help you do it. 

Introducing Sure Pass. No Risk Ticketing

Introducing the 2nd project from the Muse Junction Startup Farm. Sure Pass. No Risk Ticketing.

Sure Pass is a ticketing platform that makes accessing the world's biggest events a level playing field for all fans.

By selling fully refundable tickets to sports finals at season launch, Sure Pass eliminates the risk, cost and hassle for fans following their team to the championship game.

- If at any point in the tournament their team is eliminated, they will receive a full refund of the ticket price.
- If their team is competing in the big game, they will receive their pre-paid tickets. 

The following video gives potential investors and developers the chance to meet the founder of Sure Pass and learn the features and benefits of this revolutionary service.

To keep up to date with our development and launch announcements please head to the Sure Pass website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

To inquire about becoming a part of the Sure Pass Dream Team, please contact me directly:

p:    +61 4 3418 0303. 

A Full-Sized Car That's Made of LEGO and Runs on Air.

Does the future of sustainability lie in our past?

Who doesn't remember making little toy cars out of LEGO when they were a child?

Raul from Romania is barely older than most kids yet with some help from Melbourne's Steve Sammartino and a crowd funding community has made a fully functioning, life sized car completely out of 500,000 of the little Danish bricks. What's more is that it runs on compressed air and not fuel. 

The LEGO car beast

Relieved Raul and Steve enjoy a hard earned one

So does the suture of sustainable travel lie in our past? 

Well, maybe don't expect to be able to buy a Holden LEGO any time soon (or any Holden for that matter). But what this project does show is the creativity that can be achieved when making a profit isn't the number one concern. 

After speaking to the young Romanian about his plans for the future, it definitely does not contain LEGO. But what he's got cooking up sounds equally as significant as sustainable transport so perhaps LEGO can be credited for changing the world. Yet again.

Check out below for a video of the vehicle on it's debut drive and more information can be found at 

The Problem with MOvember

At the end of my 10th year growing a moustache in November for charity, I've come to a realisation. 

The problem with MOvember is that perpetual growth from the original grow-for-dough fundraising model is not possible.

The more the years have gone on, the more popular MOvember gets, the more people are growing MO's and the less people are left to donate to mine. On top of this, the remaining hair-less who I call family and friends do not have the resources to keep donating for over a decade.

This trend is demonstrated by the significant decline of my personal MOvember fundraising over the last 4 years, despite my continued efforts at fundraising.

Screenshot 2013-12-01 15.31.08.png

Each year MOvember does an amazing job raising more funds than the year before for worthwhile men's health initiatives (they've surpassed $500 Million these days).

However the majority of this growth is coming from the expansion of MOvember into new, highly populated, growth markets like Hong Kong and Singapore. 

While in mature markets like Australia, 2013 marks the 2nd consecutive year of fundraising decline. 

Screenshot 2013-12-01 16.02.02.png

What does this decline mean for the future of MOvember and it's influence on the face of men's health in mature markets?

MOvember is currently enjoying a combination of strong brand equity and mass awareness but without evolving beyond it's original grow-for-dough model, I believe a loss of relevance is inevitable and it's mature market years are numbered. 


MOvember's Sustainable Future

MOvember has two clear objectives for being:

1. Stimulate discussion and action about mens' health issues
2. Raise money to fund mens' health initiatives

Because of this, I believe that the future of MOvember (especially in mature markets) will need to include bold, large scale and revenue generating initiatives. 

This MOvember, I ran a trial for such an initiative with the aim to give the folks at MOvember an additional bristle in their fundraising brush. MO Magnets. 

My car donning the first MO magnet. 

How can MO magnets make a difference?

Teaming up with MOvember Australia partner Coles, (Beyond) Blue MO Magnets will be sold in large quantities across the country via Coles Express in the weeks leading up to and including MOvember . For over a month, cars around Australia will be driving the message of MOvember in the masses during peak hour commutes and weekend getaways ~ stimulating large scale discussions and awareness.

My research shows that a magnet can be made for under $5 a set and sold for up to $50 a set. This highly profitable product, sold in large quantities will yield additional millions of dollars which will be invested directly into established MOvember initiatives. 

See below for the two examples of MO Magnets sold this year for a $50 donation to my MOvember fund.

Damo R MO Magnet.jpg
Josh P MO Magnet.jpg

In this open letter to MOvember, I'm offering to donate my time and partnership experience to bring MO Magnets to life with Coles Express as my contribution to the 2014 MOvember fundraising campaign. 

I'm willing and able to get started as soon as they'll have me. 


Please pass on and like to register your support. 




Muse Junction


Nerds helping Not For Profit

I managed and hosted an event recently called the Appathon, hosted by alive on the scenic Middle Head harbour-front. 

It was an epic 48 hours of blood, sweat and code where dozens of developers, designers and entrepreneurs lent a tech hand to challenged organisations in the NFP sector. 

The Benevolent Society and their French team won the major prize with a beautifully designed app to help foster children develop their identity and diarise their lives. 

Check out the high energy wrap up clip below which captures the intensity of the event perfectly. 

How to Make Paint Bomb Egg Shells.

I got a new Hypto Krypto the other day courtesy of fellas at Hayden Shapes.   

I usually love a bit of flair on my sleds so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to experiment with a new painting method I got from a friend of mine, Nic Tatt ~ Paint Bomb Egg Shells.

I did a trial the other other day to make sure I didn't ruin my new love and there was a bit more to it than I was expecting. So I thought I'd break it down for anyone who was thinking of splatting some shit with paint.  


Step 1: Get the gear

Getting the right paint is the critical component and the best paint in the business is Ironlak.  I got a combination of spray paint and paint pen refills (these didn't work as well). 

Other things you'll want are: 

- A canvas
- 12 eggs
- Masking tape
- Gloves
- Sand paper
- Old towel
- Clear laquer   

Step 2: Choose Your Canvas

 In this case I had my brand new sled and fins. It's freshly made so doesn't need any preparation but it you have an older thing, best to hit it with a quick sanding and clean it down so that the paint sticks. 

Step 3: Mask it

When you throw a bunch of paint on something, it's a great opportunity to mask some areas and create some negative space. Masking tape is great for some basics but I also had a Muse Junction logo done up by the guys at OzLocal. I'll have to ask my accountant if that makes it a tax deduction :)


Step 4: Hollow the Egg Shells

Ok ~ so this is one of the main parts. Below is the way I prepped the eggs:
- Get a 12 pack of large eggs
- Use a sharp knife to crack open the top
- Make an opening the size of a 20c piece
- Empty the egg and yolk into a bowl
- Wash out and dry the eggs
- Place them back in the carton for safety

Step 5: Find a Secluded Place

So not everyone is cool with you throwing Paint Bomb Egg Shells around. So best to find a natural reserve (because the paint will be grown out and cut) somewhere quiet and sheltered from the wind. Place the towel down and put your Canvas on it.  



Step 6: Make and Throw Paint Bombs

The aftermath of Paint Bomb Egg Shells

Fill the Egg Shells 1/5 of the depth with paint.
- For Spray cans, spray with a narrow cap
- For the Paint Pen Refills just transfer from the cap

Once filled, hold the Egg Shells and throw them so that the opening hits the canvas first. 

A video on this can be found here:


Step 7: Unmask and Enjoy

The finished product

After you've waited a little while (30 mins) for the paint to dry, it's now time to unmask and reveal the piece of work. Before unmasking it's not uncommon to think you've ruined the whole thing but if you've masked well, it will come up a treat. 

Be careful not to smudge the paint when you are peeling up the edges and peel up masking tape in the reverse order that you put it down in. 

Once it's been dry for a few hours, use a little wet-dry sand paper to smooth out the harsh edges before applying a few coats of clear lacquer.  



Step 8: Make an Omelet

Chucking Egg shells at a surfboard all day is hungry work. So the best thing I could think to do with 12 egg whites and yolks is make a killer omelet. Art has never tasted better. 


Thanks for reading.  


Rollout and Report Support

Rollout and Report Support is the last stage in Muse Junction's 6 stage Innovation process. It ensures that all essential scoping and consideration information for your idea is clearly understood by the Muse Crew service provider we have chosen together. 

In the event that there is any issues arising in the project during the project, I can also act as a mutual, independent, third party mediation.

I've enjoyed laying out the steps of the provess for you and can't wait to get stuck into some meaty briefs and deliver some game changing ideas.

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Network Conductor

As an agency owner specialising in ideation I'm the first person to admit that I'm not the one to execute a Design, Augmented Reality, Experiential, or any other niche activation. 

That's why I've developed a muse crew of other specialist providers who I deliver your focus ideas to for scoping and execution. 



Train Conductor.jpg

I make it my business o know the latest and greatest providers, technologies, processes and activations out there for you. I'm a Network Conductor because I identify, make introductions and facilitate a handover with the perfect fit for the projects that we've developed together. 

My Muse Crew make it their business to look after the clients I deliver them.

t's a win-win-win where my clients get access to a universe of talented specialists at a discounted rate, I get to focus on the ideation process and my Muse Crew get hand delivered great ideas to bring to life. 

I will still remain involved in the project where necessary, to offer support, as is outlined n the 6th stage of the Innovation Platform, Rollout and Report Support. 

The Opportunities Matrix

Having a suite of ideas all addressing the brief is a great place to be. But in this day an age with a million and one things to fill each day with, how do we distill these down to an approachable shortlist to focus our resources on?

At the end of the day there's only two things that you need to consider when trying to identify the most effective ideas :: 

Every idea should be able to fit within one of the quadrants in this Matrix

1) What are the Barriers to Entry? This could include budget, regulation, competitors, etc..

2) What is the Size of the Prize? This refers to the likelihood of the idea to meet the ideation objective (cash, notoriety, credibility, community, etc....)

Using the Muse Junction Opportunities Matrix, we aim to plot the best ideas from the previous steps n one of the above quadrants. This gives us a great visual reference for the items we hope to focus on. 

Focus :: All the ideas we should do everything we can to achieve. Big ROI

Vision :: All the ideas we should start chipping away at. Not as easy to crack but big payoff potential

Plan B :: These are the cash cows. Not the biggest payoff but they can help keep the wheels on the carriage during the hard times

Forget About It :: Enough said.


Click HERE for stage 5 in The Innovation Platform


3-Station Innovation we've mined deep for the true objective with The "Why?" Game and I've done my Method Briefing to truly understand the business issues and opportunities. So when do the ideas happen?

True innovative ideas are born from a complex combination of traits, experiences and stimulus. On top of that, below are a few great exercises I've developed to make sure any brief can be attacked, resulting in exceptional and unexpected ideas.

Station One :: Countless Connections

This is the most lateral of all the ideation methods and aims to identify as many related as well as (and even especially) unrelated tracks to follow for stage two.
We will cover off a wide spectrum from complimentary businesses to the characteristics of an octopus to get the creative juices flowing

Station Two :: The Frenzy

In Frenzy Town, there is no such thing as a stupid idea. We're taking the brief and trying to solve it with a million ideas ~ some relating to ink and tentacles ~ so there's bound to be some random shit getting thrown up.
Remember that some of the best ideas have been discovered through the absurd and as soon as judgement makes an appearance, frenzy turns into a ghost town. 
For consistency and the sake of a perfect elevator pitch, there is a Muse Junction template to capture each idea for later.

Station Three :: ilent Auction

Every idea within the Frenzy Template gets presented as comprehensively as possible to the group who each have 20 Muse Moneys to spend on the ideas they think rock.  
Here it's critical that everyone is refreshed on the objectives and the brief in order to best filter in the strongest candidates. 
The ideas with the most love graduate to the next stage of the Innovation Platform

Click HERE for stage 4 in The Innovation Platform





Take a Moment to Listen to Kids :: The "Why?" Game

When it comes to uncovering real truths, kids are wiser they they let on.

Kids Know Everything

e've all heard them play the "Why?" game...

"Go to bed"
"Because it's too late for you to be up"
"Because you'll be tired tomorrow"
"Just go to bed!"

For the rest of us this is an annoying and difficult game to play. We have to ask ourselves why this is.

Could it be because we are so conditioned to presenting a compelling, superficial argument which is often, merely a symptom of the true issue or objective? With no kids around to challenge us are we going about our professional and personal lives with mis-guided direction?

use Junction is proud to bring back the "Why?" game to our Ideation process. The aim being to drill down and uncover the real truths that drive your business and to deliver ideas with a significant, positive impact. 

"What's your Objective?"
"Double sales over the next 5 years"
"Increase revenue"
"Why is that important?"

What comes next will inform ideas that are either a supreme success or an utter failure.  

I look forward to putting my Kid hat on with you and having some fun with this.

Click HERE for stage 2 in The Innovation Platform